EWA is Responsive & Looks Great On All Screen Sizes


EWA can automatically adapt to many screen sizes thanks to its responsive capabilities. Try resizing your browser window to see the adaptation. Even better is that all of EWA’s sliders are also fully responsive; Parallax Layer Slider, Revolution Slider, Awesome FlexSlider and Cute Slider. All sliders include touch swipe functionality for tablets and smartphones. Not only is it responsive but it also keeps the clean, modern design all the way down to smaller screen sizes such as iPhones. Every element has been tweaked for different screen sizes to make sure it looks great no matter what the device. Now people can easily browse your site using smartphones, tablets, laptops or desktop computers.

EWA Includes Font Awesome 3.0 Integration!

We have fully integrated the entire Font Awesome Icon Set with EWA. Each icon can easily be used via shortcodes. Juct click the shortcode button, then insert the name of the icon you want to use and you’re done!  Users can also choose from 3 different sizes; Large, Medium or Small. And the shortcode also allows you use the icons with or without a circle behind them. We also have the icon set integrated into our Content Box shortcode so users can use any one of the 249 Font Awesome icons in the 3 or 4 column content box shortcode.

EWA Includes Some Serious Font Customization Options!

EWA includes numerous font fields in theme options to change each and every font on the site. Change every heading H1-H6, body, menu, footer headings, breadcrumbs, etc. You can easily customize the size and family for every font on the site as well as customize the colors. EWA includes over 500+ Google Fonts, Standard Fonts and you can upload custom fonts. Happy Font Hunting!

Upload Custom Image Backgrounds To Each Page!

EWA’s top page title bar can be visible on any and every page if you’d like. And we’ve built it so you can easily upload a custom background into it, making your site unique and giving it a fresh look. You can also upload custom images to the background of the boxed version, or you can use one of your patterns or use a solid color!

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